News, 14th January 2023

  Chip shortage may be over! I am happy to announce that I was finally able to place a new order for a new test batch for the A600 Bifrost prototype, with chips and all!

  ETA in mid February, which may feel a long way to go still. However, I have designed the test batch out from the FINAL prototype which basically means that if they check out I can start sending them out as pre-order units. If this would happen, I will send them out in first-come first-serve order as pre-orders was placed way back then.

  FINALLY! I am not going to jinx it but... If I get any more surprise roadblocks now I will go bananas. :-)

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 4th January 2023

  A new Gallery has been established on the site. Dive in there to find some cool action pics of the Bifrosts! You can visit there by clicking the new Camera icon in the navigation section on the top of the website pages.

  This will be a living page as more photos will be added over time. If you would like to showcase your Amiga with some action pics with the Bifrost running in it please feel free to contact me by email and I will be more than happy to add it! :-)

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 23rd February 2022

  I am happy to say that the entire A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, queue that was going on because of general component shortages now has been all cleared and all orders have just gone out. If you were in queue and have not yet recieved a tracking number please make yourself heard so I can look into it.
  There are also additional boards in stock, so at this time, there are no shipping delays if you place and order.

  Thanks all for your patience and understanding as you have been waiting for me to clear the queue!

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 1st January 2022

  Happy New Year! 2021 was unfortunately a big standstill for this project. Many factors made it very challenging to engage with moving Bifrost modules (for ANY Amiga model) to production, one of which was the much dreaded component shortage many electronic suppliers have suffered from. However, not everything has been at a still. I have taken some serious steps to bring more of the Bifrost component production in-house to meet and mitigate many of these risks and delays. I have already received a new 3D printer for prototyping but more importantly I have also invested in other machinery I have never had that will arrive early this year. When all is up and running my hopes are that I can catch up with all the promises of delivery.

  There is currently a backorder log of A1200 Heimdall modules since September which I do apologize for. If you have placed an order in September or later and you are tired of waiting just let me know and I will without delay refund your order.

  Here is to a much more productive and generally better year in 2022 for all of us!

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 20th November 2020

  The Caps Lock module will no longer be available as an optional extra for Bifrost kits. Instead it will always be included in the box and price. This policy change makes sense from a market demand perspective as only 2% of all Bifrost sales so far has been picked without a CL module. It will also help me simplify building and stocking items, and therefore also logistics and risks for errors.   This will include presently available, as well as any future releases of, products which can normally support a Caps Lock module. Therefore with immediate effect the A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, will have it's price adjusted to €48.00 INCL. the CL Module, down from the regular price of €50.00.

  There are only two days left on the A600 Bifrost Pre-orders. The CL module policy change will also affect this. That means that even if I have not reached the traditional target of including these for free the CL module will be included anyway. And the Pre-Order price will NOT change from it's current €20.00! However, the normal post pre-order price will be adjusted upwards €3.00 to reflect this. So being part of the pre-order will not save you only the initial calculated €5.00, but now €8.00 instead.

 So no better time than now to go and grab one!

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 3rd November 2020

  The wait is over! Starting next week I am accepting pre-orders for the new A600 Bifrost module. As before, the window will be open for two weeks, so that will be until Sunday the 22nd. Pre-orders will be available at a discount at €22.00 (estimated normal price is €28.00), and again if enough pre-orders are placed I will also include a Caps Lock module to each order for free.

  Shipping will be the usual €15.00 flat fee for any number of modules and you will also be able to reserve A1200 Heimdall boards at the same time to go with that order once it ships. Not only will that save additionally on shipping, but I can also give another discount towards those boards too since I will know beforehand how many extra as a batch will be shipped out. Hopefully I can reduce the price tag of such A1200 Bifrost Heimdalls to the €36-€37 region. More on that as we go.

  Pre-orders will be up as it's separate item in the Bifrost Store once the pre-orders launch.

  Thank you for your continued excellent support!

Conny "Fuzzie" Larsson, The Bifrost Project

News, 16th October 2020

  Celebrate this upcoming Halloween by giving your Amiga 1200 that spooky look and feel! The A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, will carry a 10% discount in The Bifrost Store effective immediately and all the way up to the end of this year's Halloween (October 31st).
In stock and ready to ship, there hasn't been a better opportunity to trick _and_ treat your beloved retro computer!


News, 22nd September 2020

  I will be taking The Bifrost Project on a road trip and attend Flashback20/20 in June 26/27 next year in the Netherlands! I will try to showcase all the Bifrost products incl of course the upcoming A600 and A500 versions. I am also taking the opportunity to release a small but new product, so being there will grant you the opportunity to get one first.

  Also, I will perform service and firmware upgrades for free for Bring-Your-Own units and also be open for custom code snippets insertion to make it an even more personalized one-of-a-kind unit. Examples could be custom colours and start up sequences. If there is an interest I can also do cable swaps and custom diffuser shapes!

Hope to catch some of you there!

Conny Larsson, Developer, The Bifrost Project

News, 12th August 2020

  Bank Wire Transfers / Pre-Payment Invoices now accepted.

  The Store expands its payment options from only having PayPal to now also including Pre-Payments over Bank Wire. So if you weren't able to shop for your piece of cool hardware before now you have a new way to do it!

Conny Larsson, Developer, The Bifrost Project

News, 26th July 2020

 All Pre-orders are now Shipped, Store has reopened!

 All pre-orders for the new A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, has now been shipped. As a consequence to this, the Bifrost store has now also reopened.

Thanks all for your continued support! Stay safe and awesome!

Conny Larsson, Developer, The Bifrost Project

News, 16th March 2020

 Pre-orders are now open!

 Follow the linkicon above to get to the Bifrost Store. It will stay open for two weeks until 29th March. Remember that pre-orders sell at a discount (€35 instead of €45), and shipping is only €15 for any amount of boards. Furthermore, if enough pre-orders are placed the Caps Lock Bifrost will come included for free with all pre-orders! So help spread the word and get more people involved!

Thanks all for your awesome support!

Conny Larsson, Developer, The Bifrost Project

News, 17th February 2020

 Pre-orders/Early Birds for the new A1200 Bifrost, Heimdall Edition, will open on the 16th of March. It will stay open two weeks until 29th March. Pre-orders will then close to move into production and delivery of the boards are estimated to begin in May.

 Pre-orders will carry a discount and honor Amigas 35th anniversary. They will thus be available for €35/ea + shipping*.

 Normal orders are then scheduled to open in June, and price will most likely be €45 + shipping*.

 * = Shipping is a flat €15 for any amount of boards, so get your friends together!

 If enough pre-orders are placed the kit will come included with the Caps Lock Bifrost, otherwise CL Bifrost will be an additional €5 as an optional buy.

 The pre-ordering process will only be available though this official webpage.

 Thanks all for your continued support! Without you this would never be possible.

Conny Larsson, Developer, The Bifrost Project

Photo: Conny Larsson

Photo: Conny Larsson

Photo: Conny Larsson

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